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Kansas City’s premiere fitness pass. One subscription allows you to choose from hundreds of discounted classes every week. CityShape allows you to add variety to your fitness routine and avoid plateaus and boredom. It’s a great addition to your current gym membership or to your at-home routine. Try it out today.

Example of Savings for You

5 classes with a studio = Avg. $88
5 classes with CityShape = Avg. $65

10 classes with a studio = Avg. $161
10 classes with CityShape = Avg. $115

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Being Body Builder


Improve your health and happiness with this popular practice. Learn breathing techniques, low impact exercises and meditation at one of the many studios on our pass.


Check out our studios that offer these military style group sessions. Prepare to lift weights, perform challenging functional movements and work as a team to complete your workout.


High intensity interval training classes, a growing trend in the fitness industry, can be found at many of our studios! Prepare to be challenged, power through multiple intervals, and get your heart rate up.


We have it all. Cycling, pilates, boxing, etc. We have curated a wide list of studios and classes for you to choose from. Avoid burnout and keep your routine interesting by trying something new!

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