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About City Shape Fitness

Founded in 2017, CityShape aims to change the fitness landscape in Kansas City. We focus our efforts on giving our members access to the best fitness classes Kansas City has to offer. With firsthand experience, we know just how intimidating workouts and membership commitments can be. At CityShape we hope to break down those barriers and leave you with affordable and fun options to stay active. Join our Tribe, enjoy our events, and get connected with our community.

We don’t want you to just join a gym, we want you to join them all. See you at the gym!

Our Membership Explained

For just $15 per month we have curated a list of amazing studios for our members to choose from. Once you get your membership you will be able to choose from hundreds of discounted classes per month with a 5 visit limit per studio. We encourage our members to add this membership onto their home workout routine or even add it onto their existing gym membership! CityShape gives you options and the ability to try new workouts without breaking the bank. Along with your membership enjoy discounts to our community events and the occasional perk to a local health & wellness spot.

What do you get with a CityShape membership?

  • Access to hundreds of discounted classes
  • Access to our community
  • Discounts to our community events
  • Monthly newsletter




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